Current Bike Crash Events Help Us Understand Trends. Take a Look at Some Recent Cycling Cases and What We've Learned from Them.

Below is a short list of just some of our New York Cases

  • A cyclist was "doored" by a NYC cab while traveling on Christopher Street in the West Village. The cyclist was forced to leave the marked bike lane, due to the cab being illegally parked in the lane. As he attempted to pass the cab on the left, the driver opened his door into the cyclist's path of travel. As a result of the impact, our client sustained a fractured sternum, as well as other injuries.
  • A cyclist "doored" on Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn. As a result of the impact with the door, the cyclist sustained severe injuries including a fractured nose, finger, separated shoulder, and multiple dental injuries.

  • A bike Messenger struck by a vehicle on 23rd Street in Manhattan when he was hit from behind by a cab. As a result of the crash, the cyclist a fractured wrist and a separated shoulder.

  • A cyclist was struck by a driver at Willoughby Ave. and Hall Street in Brooklyn, when a driver disregarded a red traffic signal. The driver of the car claims that he had a green light when the crash occurred. Our client was utilizing a "run tracker" GPS device. With this data, we intend to prove that our client had the green light, was not speeding, AND that he was clearly visible in the intersection prior to the crash.

  • A cyclist on Essex's Street was crossing Houston, when a driver heading eastbound on Houston disregarded a red traffic signal, striking our client. As a result of the impact, our client sustained a severe head injury and facial scarring.

  • A cyclist was riding on 3rd Street in Brooklyn when a cab made an illegal turn into him, while it was trying to enter a gas station. As a result of the crash, our client sustained a severely fractured ankle.

  • A "dooring" of a model and bartender who was cycling in the West Village on 13th Street when a passenger opened a door into his bike, causing our client to sustain a severe injury to his bicep, thereby requiring reconstructive surgery and leaving a significant scar.

  • A "dooring" of a graduate student traveling on 7 th Avenue in Chelsea. Our client sustained fractures to both elbows as a result of the impact. The driver, in violation of VTL 1214, opened his door into the rider's path, in an attempt to exit his vehicle.

  • A "dooring" crash involving a young woman cycling in the bike lane on Sixth Avenue, when a tourist opened a taxi door into her path of travel. The claim involved allegations against the cab operator for improperly stopping his taxi in violation of New York City rules, as well as a violation of V.T.L. 1214, as against the passenger who illegally open the cab door. The cyclist sustained severe back injuries, requiring surgery as a result of the crash.

  • A cyclist "sideswiped" by a motorist on Jay St. who illegally changed lanes. The crash occurred on the approach to the Brooklyn Bridge. As a result of the crash, the cyclist sustained a knee injury, requiring surgery.

  • A cyclist "doored" while traveling in the West Village sustaining a severe shoulder fracture. The cab illegally blocked the bike lane, in violation of N.Y.C. Traffic Rule 4-08(e), which states: "No person shall stop, stand, or park a vehicle in any bicycle lanes or within a designated bicycle lane.... " While blocking the lane, the passenger then illegally exited the cab on the street side of the cab, opening the door into the cyclist's path.

  • A young woman "doored" in Queens while she was riding home from her job in Manhattan. As a result of the "dooring," she sustained a severe injury to her neck, knee, and back.
  • Our client was riding at night on 5th Avenue near 36th Street in Brooklyn, and entered the intersection with a green light, when a driver made a sudden left turn in front of his path of travel, striking him and his bike. As a result of the crash, our client sustained multiple fractures to his wrist.

  • A crash caused by a negligent driver who made an illegal u-turn in front of and into a cyclist who was traveling on Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn. As a result of the crash, the cyclist sustained a severe head injury which required, injury to his neck and back, and fractures of his toes.

  • A cyclist in Queens "doored" while traveling on Bell Blvd. The rider was "doored" by a parked plumbing truck when the driver opened his door into the rider's path of travel. As a result of the crash, the rider sustained a fractured clavicle, requiring surgery.

  • A crash involving a cyclist who was injured when the tarp on top of a dumpster along the curb on Lafayette Street in Manhattan was not properly secured, and blew into his path. The tarp caused him to lose control of his bike and crash. After the crash, his ankle was run over by an un-identified truck. With the truck never identified, we proceeded with a suit against the contractor and building owner for negligent placement of the dumpster and the failure to secure the tarp in violation of N.Y.C. construction codes. We were able to make a substantial recovery for this client.

  • A crash between two New York City Pedicabs, causing one Pedicab to flip, thereby injuring its occupants. The occupants, a mother and daughter visiting from Australia, sustained serious injuries in the crash. The injuries included a fractured arm, an ankle injury, and fractured ribs. The case is presently pending in the Supreme Court, New York County.

  • A crash involving a Long Island landscaper struck while riding his bike home after a long day at work. He was struck by a vehicle exiting a side street. The rider sustained serious injuries to his back, knee, and ankle in the crash.

  • A cyclist struck by an SUV while riding on 8th Street in NYC. As a result of the crash, the handle bar of the cyclist punctured his thigh, causing a large hematoma required to be excised.

  • A cyclist traveling on 72nd Street near central park in Manhattan struck by a N.Y.C. yellow taxi cab. The cab was attempting to make a left turn in front of the rider. The rider sustained a severe leg injury, requiring surgery.

  • An inexperienced cyclist riding the bike lane near the E. 34th Street Heliport struck an un-marked and negligently placed "speed Bump" causing the cyclist to lose control of his bike and fall. As a result of the fall the cyclists sustained a severe wrist fracture requiring surgery.

  • A young cyclist struck by a car exiting a gas station in Long Beach, NY. As a result of the crash, our client sustained injuries to his knee and back. The back injury was so severe that he required disc surgery and has been out of work for almost 1 year.

  • A products liability claim against the manufacturer and distributor of a bike crank, which fractured while the cyclist was riding, causing a crash. The rider sustained neck and back injuries as a result of the fall.

  • A crash of a cyclist side swiped by a N.Y.C. taxi cab while riding on Jay Street in Brooklyn. The impact caused the rider to fall and sustain a severe knee injury.

  • A cyclist struck by a vehicle exiting a parking lot on Kent Street in Brooklyn, causing the cyclist to fall and sustain injury to his leg and shoulder.

  • A cyclist "doored" by the operator of a rental truck exiting a vehicle, when the cyclist was near Sherman Ave. and Prospect Parkway in Brooklyn. The rider sustained a fractured arm in the crash.

  • A crash involving a cyclist "doored" while riding on South Third St. in Brooklyn. A passenger in a limousine exiting the vehicle open the door into his path. The rider sustained a concussion and closed head injury.

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