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Pedicab Collision's in NYC

There has been conflicting evidence regarding the saftey of Pedicabs in NYC. In 2009, the City cracked down on operators and owners, and attempted to implement standardized rules for the ownership and operation of pedicabs on New York City Streets. Pedicabs can be safer because they travel slower than cars and taxis, hopefully translating to less serious injuries for its riders and operators. However, like bikes, they share the city streets with buses, cabs, and other vehicles. Their construction offers little protection to their occupants. We have complied some quick information for you if you were involved in a pedicab collision in New York City. If you are a driver or passenger injured in an accident, we can help.

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The following rules apply to Pedicab Operators and Owners

In New York City, Pedicabs CANNOT operate without a DCA (NYC Dept. of Consumer Affairs) issued Pedicab registration plate. An owner must also have a Pedicab Business license. If you drive a Pedicab within the City of New York, the operator must also have a Pedicab operator's license, obtained by the D.C.A. To be eligible for or to maintain a Pedicab driver license, an applicant or licensee must be at least eighteen years of age, possess a currently valid motor vehicle driver's license that is in full force and effect, and cannot have his or her motor vehicle driver's license suspended or revoked.

Proof of Insurance is Mandatory

An insurance policy must provide, at minimum, the following protection: Coverage for injury or death of any person or persons, and damage to or destruction of any property. Such policy of liability insurance shall name the city of New York as an insured party.

Required Equipment for Pedicabs

Each Pedicab operated in the city must be equipped with the following features: Three or more wheels; seating for no more than three passengers; hydraulic or mechanical disc or drum brakes, which are unaffected by rain or wet conditions; a secondary or emergency brake system; battery-operated headlights, which are capable of projecting a beam of light for a distance of 300 feet; battery-operated taillights which are visible from 500 feet; turn lights; passenger seat belts; and audible signaling.

Notification of Accidents Relating to the Operation of Pedicabs.

(a) Every Pedicab business licensee and Pedicab driver must submit to the Department, on a form provided for such purpose by the Department, a written report of every collision relating to a Pedicab, within twenty-four hours after the occurrence of such accident.

Whenever any person sustains an injury requiring medical treatment or dies in an collision related to a Pedicab, the Pedicab business owner, to whom is issued a Pedicab business license, shall immediately notify the Department by telephone and by facsimile transmission, to the telephone numbers prescribed by the Department, and furnish such information to identify the time and location of the accident, as well as the nature of the injuries sustained by any persons.

Resources and Links

  • New York City Dept of Consumer Affairs-License Look-Up

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