Verdicts & Settlements

Pedestrian, Automobile, and Bike Cases

Our previous case results should not be taken as expectations for your case, as results such as these can never be promised, especially not before reviewing your case ourselves. These results do, however, demonstrate our ability to provide for our clients what they truly need. With the law on our side, we are not afraid of any insurance company, employer, or manufacturer.

    • Cyclists That Struck a Negligently Placed Speed Bump on the Bike Path Along Manhattan's East Side - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $125,000 settlement prior to trial in New York County (Manhattan) for a a cyclist that struck an unmarked speed bump in front of the 34th Street Heliport in Manhattan. As a result of the fall, our client sustained a fractured wrist. The speed bump was placed on a mixed use roadway which was frequently used for parking as well as cyclists and runners. The speed bump used was inconsistent with those typically seen through out New York City because of their dangerous profile. The operator also failed to post proper advanced warning signs stating "Bump Ahead", failed to have street markings or hash markings required to advise cyclists of the installed bump.

    • Verdict for Cyclist struck by NYC Taxi in Queens - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a liability verdict in Queens County where the jury found a cab driver 100% at fault for the crash. The crash occurred at an intersection in Long Island City. The cab and our client ( a 19 y/o cyclist) both claimed the light was in their favor. We were successful in arguing to the jury that the cab driver ran the light and was the cause of the crash. Following a successful liability verdict, the cab company, and its insurance carrier American Transit Insurance, paid their full insurance policy of $100,000.00 dollars.

    • (Full Policy Limits) for Cyclists "Doored" in Manhattan - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $100,000.00 (full policy limits) recovery for cyclist "doored" on 19th Street in Manhattan. Our client was traveling West on 19th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. As vehicular traffic was stopped, our client attempted to pass traffic on the right. As he was traveling along side the defendant's vehicle, a door swung open into his path. Our client attempted to avoid the opening car door, swerved, and crashed. No contact was ever made between the cyclists and the door. As a result of the fall our client sustained a severely fractured wrist.

      This case is an important illustration that contact between a bike and a vehicle is always not necessary in order to establish negligence on behalf of a driver or exiting passenger. It was the act of improperly opening the car door that was the proximate cause of the crash making the Defendants responsible.

    • Verdict for Cyclist Where No Contact Occurred - Bike Crash

      Our firm obtained a $100,000.00 verdict for a Brooklyn cyclist cut-off by a driver in lower Manhattan. Although no actual contact occurred between the cyclist and the vehicle, the jury still found the driver 100% responsible for the crash. It awarded the cyclist $100,000.00 dollars, the full extent of the drivers insurance coverage.

    • Recovery for Cyclist Doored by Van on Bell Blvd. in Queens, NY - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a settlement of $52,500.00 for a cyclist who suffered a fractured clavicle as a result of a "dooring" by the driver of a commercial van. The settlement was obtained via a private mediation, while the case was pending on the trial calendar in the Supreme Court, Queens County.

    • Recovery for Cyclist Hit by Dumpster Tarp While Riding up Lafayette Street in NYC - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $50,000 recovery against a construction company who failed to properly secure the tarp of its dumpster placed along the curb on Lafayette Street in New York City. The Tarp blew into the cyclist path, causing him to lose control of his bike and be hit by a truck. The truck then fled the scene and was never identified. The client came to us too late to file an MVIAC claim, and so we pursued a case against the construction company. The case was settled before trial in the Supreme Court, NY County.

    • Recovery for Vespa Crash Victim - Bike Crash $3,000,000.00 Recovery

      Cathy Flanzig obtained a $2,900,000.00 recovery for the victim of a serious Vespa crash in Hewlett, New York. Our client was operating his scooter, when a vehicle made a sudden left turn in front of him. As a result of the crash, our client sustained severe thoracic injuries. The settlement, which netted a total payout of over $3 Million Dollars, was reached just prior to the start of the trial in the New York State Supreme Court, Nassau County. This settlement has obtained the distinction of the Top 25 Settlements in New York for 2014 for crashes involving motorcycles by the New York Law Journal.

    • Recovery For Cyclist Struck by Fed Ex Truck Along the West Side Highway Bike Path - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $250,000.00 settlement for a cylist injured by a right turning Fed Ex truck at Murray Street and West Street in Manhattan, NY. Our client was lawfully riding uptown in the bike lane when he was struck by the turning truck attempting to travel over the bike path and into Battery Park City. With cases still pending in the New York Couty Supreme Court, it was quickly resolved after we obtained a favorable witness statement from a fellow cyclist traveling behind our client.

    • Recovery for Cyclists "Doored" in the West Village - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $210,000.00 recovery for cyclist "doored" in the West Village. The cyclist, who worked as a model and bartender, was "doored" on his way to work by an exiting driver on 13th Street. As a result of the crash, our client sustained a severe laceration to his bicep requiring surgery to repair. The settlement was reached before trial in the Supreme Court, New York County.

    • Verdict for Cyclist Struck by Turning Vehicle - Bike Crash

      Our office obtained a $200,000.00 verdict in the Supreme Court, Queens County, for a cyclist struck by a turning vehicle. The cyclist had just left the sidewalk and was struck in the middle of the intersection by a driver who claimed "she never saw him". As a result of the crash our client sustained a fractured shoulder as well as other injuries. The jury found the driver 100% at fault for the crash and awarded our client $125,000 for past pain and suffering and $75,000.00 for future pain and suffering.

    • Recovery from Construction Company for Brooklyn Cyclist - Bike Crash

      Our client was biking in the Kent Ave. bike lane in Brooklyn. Unbeknown to the cyclist, the Construction Company had closed the street due to a large street excavation (see photo) and was diverting traffic into the bike lane. In trying to avoid an oncoming vehicle in the bike lane he crashed. The case was settled prior to trial in the Supreme Court, Kings County.

    • Cyclist "Doored" in Flatiron District - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $145,000.00 recovery for a cyclist "doored" in the Flat Iron district by an exiting passenger. Despite no contact between the vehicle and the cyclist, we established the passenger was negligent in opening the door and causing the cyclist to lose control and crash.

    • Settlement for NYC Cyclist "Doored" in the West Village - Bike Crash

      Cathy Flanzig obtained a 140,000.00 settlement for a cyclist "doored" in the West Village by an exiting passenger of a NYC Taxi cab, while traveling within a bike lane.

    • Recovery for 37 Year Old Woman "Doored" by NYC Taxi Cab While Riding in Bike Lane on 6th Avenue in NYC - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a settlement for NYC cyclist who sustained a severe back injury when "doored" by a NYC Taxi cab, while traveling in the bike lane on 6th Avenue in New York City.

    • Recovery for Cyclist Struck by a Left Turning National Grid Truck - Bike Crash

      Daniel Flanzig obtained a $80,000 settlement after a mediation for a Massachusetts cyclists injured while riding in Suffolk County, NY. Our client sustained a separated shoulder in the crash. The settlement was reached prior to the start of trial in Nassau County.