Making Storm Drains Safer for Cyclists

City Seeks to Make Storm Drain Grates More Bicycle Friendly

February 7, 2013 by Eli Glazier

Common Grate (Left) ; More Bicycle-Friendly Grate (Right)

Common Grate (Left) ; More Bicycle-Friendly Grate (Right)

As reported by LA DOT Bike Blog, The Bureau of Sanitation is looking for the location of storm drain grates that they can upgrade to a design more friendly to bicycle tires. The current effort will help Sanitation to find locations that are the highest priority by bicyclists for replacement. The grate above on the left is an older design, while the right shows the new bicycle-safe one. Cross-hatching prevents tires from getting caught.

Like LA, NY needs to improve grates and replace them with Bike Safe grates which can cause a crash.

Report unsafe grates by calling 311 or by clicking here

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