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The Need for Stronger Consequences in Traffic Violence

NYC Traffic

In a recent case that has sparked outrage and debate, a driver responsible for a fatal crash in New York City will reportedly receive probation after completing a safety course, according to Streetsblog. This decision has raised serious concerns about the effectiveness of current traffic safety measures and the need for stronger consequences to deter reckless driving.

The Incident & The Outcome

The case involves a driver who struck and killed a pedestrian. The tragedy has brought to light the critical issue of pedestrian safety and the consequences drivers face for their actions on the road. According to Streetsblog, the driver will not face jail time but will instead receive probation after completing a safety course. This outcome has been met with criticism from some safety advocates and some of the victim's family, who argue that it does not provide justice or adequately address the severity of the incident.

Why is Criminal Prosecution in New York for Vehicular Crimes Difficult

"There still is a reluctance by New York prosecutors to treat traffic deaths at the hands of motorists the same as a death committed by another instrumentality," said personal injury lawyer Daniel Flanzig. "The fear is that potential jurors view the action of the driver as a 'bad choice,' but not criminal in nature." License suspension and vehicular seizure is sometimes an option as a form of punishment. Flanzig continued, "It's hard to tell what acts better as a deterrent: jail or license suspension," Flanzig said. "In a city and state with car dependency, loss of license or vehicle forfeiture works well. “Seizing vehicles is exceptionally rare, except in cases where drivers have committed other crimes, such as drunk driving”.

The Need for Stronger Measures

This case highlights the urgent need for stronger measures to prevent traffic fatalities and hold drivers accountable. Safety courses and probation may not be sufficient to deter reckless behavior and ensure the safety of pedestrians and other road users.

The decision to grant probation to a driver responsible for a fatal crash raises important questions about our commitment to traffic safety and the measures we are willing to take to protect lives. It is a stark reminder that we must do more to prevent such tragedies and ensure that justice is served for the victims and their families.

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