Garmin GPS works as a virtual black box for Cyclist

A story of GPS tracks and justice from Colorado (via Bike Portland), with a tip of the hat to Examined Spokes. This was a case, literally, of “he said / she said,” when cyclist Ryan Sabga was clobbered in an intersection when a driver ran a stop sign without looking.

The driver lied through her teeth to the police, claiming that Ryan made an illegal diagonal crossing, so the police officer refused to cite the driver. The driver then called her insurance company and claimed the bicyclist was at fault.

It was only after Ryan returned home that he realized the entire episode was recorded on his Garmin GPS!

The full telemetry of my ride came up, including a map and running time stamp of my ride. Clear as day, you could see where I stopped at the stop sign, where I got hit by the car, and where my bike came to rest. On the corresponding time stamp, you could see the speeds, the stops, and even where my heart rate spiked as she hit me. Then you could see when my bike was moved out of the street, then when I picked it up and fixed it and got it back home. All of it was on there.

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