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Daniel Flanzig to Present "NY Bike Crash Litigation"- Updates and Strategies June 26, 2014

Join us on June 26th

After a long winter, New Yorkers are ready to hop back on their bikes! Citi-bike is now in full effect creating an additional 6000 bikes on New York City Streets on top of the thousands of daily commuters. Since April of 2013, there have been several new Court decisions that significantly impact the handling of a bike crash claim.

Join Daniel Flanzig as he returns to these recent decisions and how they will impact bicycle litigation practice. The course will re-visit the practical aspects of handling a "dooring" crash in New York including framing a complaint, deposing the exiting driver or passenger and coverage for the claim.

Further, Daniel will discuss preparing a client for depositions, trial and recognizing various defenses. Lastly, the course will touch upon Municipal liability for road defects including investigation of a claim and governmental immunity. This course is a must for anyone who represents New York cyclists.

Main topics covered will include:

  • Recent bicycle-related decisions from the New York Courts
  • Practical aspects of handling a "dooring" crash in New York
  • Depositions in a "dooring" crash and prepare clients for the witness stand
  • Municipal liability in a road defect or design crash
  • Governmental immunity for bike crash related claims