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A recent testimonial from one of our clients ...

Daniel and Cathy Flanzig, of Flanzig & Flanzig, provided me with professional, prompt, and maximum legal representation in a personal injury case. I was a bicyclist doored by a passenger exiting a NYC yellow cab. As a bicyclist I followed every rule of the road; riding in a bike lane, wearing a helmet, and gave a consciously wide berth to parked cars. Nonetheless, I was "doored" by a passenger exiting a parked taxi, my collar bone, "Clavicle", was fractured and displaced.

Here is what stood out for me in having Daniel & Cathy Flanzig represent my legal interests in this case:

  • Prior to retaining the Flanzigs, Daniel provided me with a prompt and accurate assessment of the possible routes, time frames,and the possible recovery this case could provide.
  • Once retained the Flanzig firm took over every aspect of the case; from the no fault insurance claim filings, to reimbursement for out of pocket medical expenses, prompt filings of complaints and claims.I was always made aware of what I needed to know to be assured the case was in fact preceding. I wasn't burdened with any aspect of the case.
  • As the case neared settlement, a good outcome for all, Daniel kept me closely in the loop to make sure I was in agreement, and aware of what was being discussed. Never caused me stress or worry.
  • Once we arrived at what was thought to be a final settled amount, Cathy Flanzig went back to the insurance company and found another $10K. This was a pleasant surprise to me, and demonstrated the Flanzig's never stop fighting and work for the maximum outcome from a case.

Daniel & Cathy Flanzig have earned my trust and confidence as people, and in this matter their competence in personal injury law; particularly in the area of motor vehicle and bicycle accidents in New York State. Nothing in life is more important to me than trust, confidence, and competence!

Do your homework, checkout several attorneys as I did. Feel comfortable with the attorney as a person, make sure they have experience in the area you are seeking representation; then go with what your heart tells you to do.

Thorner B. (Cyclist from N.Y.C.)

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