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$140,000.00 settlement obtained for a NYC cyclist "doored" by a cab

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This week our office obtained a $140,000.00 settlement for a New York City Cyclist doored by an exiting passenger of a New York City Yellow Medallion Taxi Cab. The crash occurred within the bike lane on West 9th Street in the Village. As a result of the crash our client sustained a fractured clavicle.

Unique to this settlement is that we were able to obtain an additional $40,000.00 over and above the minimally required insurance of only $100,000.00 typically held by NYC cabs and typically limiting the potential recovery to only $100,000.00.

In this case we were able to identify the exiting passenger who opened the cabs rear door into the bike lane and name her as a party to the lawsuit. Her own homeowners insurance then contributed to the settlement and allowing us to exceed the minimal $100,000.00 that would have typically been provided by the cab. The end result was a total of$140,000.00 for our client, $40,000 more than would normally be recoverable in such a crash.

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