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Daniel Flanzig obtains a $325,500.00 settlement during 3rd Day of Trial

At Flanzig and Flanzig, we do not ONLY represent cyclists. We are a full service personal injury litigation law firm.

This Week, after three days of trial in the Supreme Court-Nassau County, NY- Daniel Flanzig obtained a $325,000.00 settlement for a seriously injured motorcyclist.

The Crash occurred on Northern Blvd. (25A) in Roslyn, New York. It was alleged that the crash occurred when the defendant "short stopped" in from of our client in order to make an illegal u-turn. The defendant alleged that the motorcyclist was traveling to closely to the rear of the vehicle at the time she stopped and that he caused his own collision due to close following.

The car was owned by a local luxury used car dealer. The settlement was reached after the insurance carrier for the dealership tendered its full $300,000.00 in coverage and the dealership agreed to contribute an additional $25,500.00 to the settlement.

The settlement was reached at the conclusion of the parties offering proof in the trial and just prior to summations being given.

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