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Daniel Flanzig to Chair the New York State Trial Lawyers Bicycle Litigation Committee

Daniel Flanzig will be the Chair Person of the New York State Trial Lawyers (NYSTLA) Bicycle Litigation Sub-Committee of the NYSTLA's Auto-No-Fault Practice Group. As the founder and first chairperson of the committee, Daniel will be tasked with the formation of the committee and educating the general public as well as other attorneys in the state about increased awareness of and protection of New York No-Fault Benefits, the primary health Insurance for cyclists. In addition, the goals of the committee will be:

  1. Build Alliances with Bicycle Advocacy Groups in NY, Transportation Alternatives, New York Bicycle Coalition, League of American Bicyclists
  2. Support Projects and efforts to Make New York Safer for Cyclists
  3. Educate General Public on "Bike Laws" in New York and "Share the Road" campaigns
  4. Advocate for enforcement of Laws that Protect Cyclists, VTL 1214, NYC Admin Codes i.e. NYCRR- Section 4-12-(c)
  5. Education on vulnerable user laws, "Diego and Hayley's law" – the middle ground between negligence and criminal conduct, VTL 1122-a safe passing law, and a "3 foot rule" in N.Y.
  6. Educating Cyclists on the laws of New York and New York City
  7. Developing a Bike Law CLE Program for NYSLTA
  8. Re-Address NY's Collateral Estoppel Effect on No-Fault Arbitration in N.Y.


Over 55 years ago, 20 trial lawyers, who were concerned that New York had no forum for plaintiffs' lawyers, joined together to form a bar association. This group, which included many of the legends in the field, began to gather in each other's homes to discuss the needs for the organization and what it might do.

In 1953, they formed the New York Association of Plaintiff's Trial Lawyers, and in the early 1960's, the group opened a one-room office and hired a single staff member. Since then, the New York State Trial Lawyers Association has become a 3,500-member professional association is a crucially important voice for the voiceless. The mission of the New York State Trial Lawyers is "To promote a safer and healthier society, to assure access to the civil justice system by those who are wrongfully injured and to advance representation of the public by ethical, well-trained lawyers."

NYSTLA's work to preserve and enhance New York's civil justice system has been essential during the last 20 years. This system has been repeatedly threatened by an explosion of legislative initiatives in Albany with the intent of limiting the rights of injured consumers. These threats now exist at the federal level and in New York City as well.

NYSTLA works with coalition partners on numerous issues to protect the rights of consumers: health advocates, tenants' groups, senior citizens groups, anti-gun violence groups, and many other public interest organizations. NYSTLA also works directly with victims of wrong-doing to help them understand their rights and how they might be articulated. Through www.nystla.org , our web site, attorneys and clients can write directly to their representatives in Congress, in Albany and in New York City to express their views on the pressing civil justice issues of the day.

NYSTLA's business is to assure that the wrongfully injured will have full access to the civil justice system. The organization is thus dedicated to the preservation of the federal and state constitution rights to trial by jury. We fight to see that injured people are not barred from the civil justice system; that wrongdoers are not immunized from liability; that juries are free to determine the proper amount of compensation without arbitrary legislative interference; that obstacles are not placed in the way of litigating all meritorious actions. NYSTLA also supports proposals to increase available insurance. When needed, NYSTLA works at the federal level to assure that our clients' rights are not limited by Congress. Furthermore, NYSTLA does not hesitate to use the courts to advocate on behalf of consumers.

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