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Visiting NY and involved in a crash?

Visiting or on Holiday in New York and Involved in a Bike Crash?

Tourist involved in a Bike Crash or Bikecollision in New York City?

A great way to see New York is by Bike. Utilizing a rental bike from a company such as "Bike and Roll" or a Citi-Bike, visitors are able to sight see around the City at their own pace and enjoy the excitement of NY outside the confines of a tour bus.

If new to riding in the New York you may find that cycling here offers challenges that riders normally do not face in other cities. New York is a great place to ride but it can also be difficult and sometimes dangerous. It is even more dangerous to those not familiar with the streets and culture of New York.

If you are visiting in New York and involved in a serious crash or collision we can help. The fact that you reside outside New York, or even another Country, does not limit your ability to bring a claim if you are involved in a crash. Many of our clients reside outside the State or abroad. Some are tourists visiting New York while others had lived in New York at the time of the crash and now have returned home. What ever the circumstance, we can help.

Answers about the type of compensation you may be entitled to can be found by clicking here

Answers about getting your medical bills paid and other reimbursement can be found by clicking here

Accidents while on holiday can have a devastating impact at a time you are often far from home and unfamiliar with local rules. These can include a crash with a car, taxi, bus, or a crash or collision as a result of a negligent or dangerous street condition.

If this occurs, Flanzig and Flanzig can guide you through the process of making a claim and obtaining the compensation you deserve. Special rules guide claims under package holidays. Certain rules and regulations also protect consumers against the negligence and malfeasance of tour operators and holiday companies. If you need to take time off of work, have medical bills, or sustained pain and suffering, we can help you make a recovery for the costs and injuries you have suffered.

If you have been injured while cycling in New York on your visit call or e-mail us for assistance.

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