NY Bike Crash Kit released on Android!

To demonstrate our commitment to New York's cycling community, we have released what we believe to be New York's first Bike Crash Kit App. The application is now available for FREE at theAndroid Market Place and within the next week, will be a available in i-tunes. The application will assist a cyclists in gathering all necessary and critical data after a crash, including the driver and vehicle owners name, insurance information, witness information, responding police officer name, report number and precinct. It will also geo-tag the collision location, assist in taking photos of the accident scene and vehicles, record witness statements, and offer a sketch pad to draw or diagram vehicle and cycle movement before and after the crash. If the accident involves a vehicle blocking a bike lane, or as a result of a street defect such as a pothole, defective manhole cover or grating, by photo or sketch, this can be documented as well.

It is also our goal to allow this application to be used by advocacy groups to collect crash data in a organized format, that can be easily e-mailed to crash stat, the NYPD, 311 or other organizations now collecting data on bike and cycle crashes.

This is our first release and we welcome feed back, comments, and suggestions on useful app updates that can be added as well as other uses for the application. If you are an advocacy group that we have not worked with in the past, please contact us to help discuss other uses of the app in collecting data towards the goal for greater cycle safety in NY.

All of this is developed to further our goal to help promote bike safety as well as education on the rights and laws afforded to protect New York's Cyclists.


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