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Flanzig & Flanzig, LLP Files Two More Suits For Clients Injured In NYC On Revel Scooters

Revel scooters

Our firm has filed two more lawsuits this week for people injured while using mopeds from Revel, a scooter-sharing service gaining popularity in New York City.

One of our clients was riding in Brooklyn, near Myrtle Avenue and Linden Street, when the Revel moped “failed to work properly.” As a result, she lost control of the vehicle and crashed, which resulted in a fall and “serious personal injuries.”

Another client has a similar claim due to a Revel scooter “malfunction” between President Street and Carroll Street in Brooklyn.

A String of Lawsuits

We filed our first suit against Revel on July 1, 2019. Since then, the company has experienced a string of lawsuits caused by injuries due to allegedly “sketchy” scooters and covered in-depth by the New York Post.

According to at least 7 lawsuits (including our most recent), Revel has ballooned across NYC since 2018, but the company has failed to keep up with maintenance, safety, and rider training. Attorney Daniel Flanzig explains the trends based on the cases we’ve seen:

There seems to be a continuing theme of people finding mechanical issues…an issue with a lack of maintenance and lack of training.”

Brakes lock up, clients are thrown over the handlebars, and innocent bystanders suffer, as well. One of our clients broke his ankle after an out-of-control Revel collided with his bicycle.

Multiple Fatalities

Not everyone who gets into a Revel accident is lucky enough to walk away. So far, 3 riders have lost their lives due to a loss of control on Revel mopeds, including a local CBS reporter.

After the high-profile fatalities, Revel closed service for approximately a month and came back with a 20-minute, in-app safety test and a “helmet selfie feature” to prove that every rider is wearing a helmet.

Although a spokesperson claimed, “Revel takes rider safety very seriously,” and that, “experienced mechanics conduct regular maintenance checks on every vehicle,” the long list of lawsuits and deaths points to another story, altogether.

At Flanzig & Flanzig, LLP, we do not let companies like Revel get away with negligent or dangerous conduct.

If you have a Revel scooter accident claim, do not hesitate to call us at (888) 290-5994 or contact us online today.

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