Revel Scooter Accidents

Revel Scooter Accidents

In New York, Revel mopeds have become a popular mode of transposition in densely populated neighborhoods across Brooklyn and Queens. At first, Revel was limited to only 100 of their black-and-bright-blue Vespa-style scooters. However, in the Spring of 2019 their number expanded with the addition of 1000 scooters to Queens and Brooklyn. By the summer of 2020, Revels became available in Manhattan. Today they are seen in neighborhood all over New York City.

While their ease of access makes a rider feel safe, Revel scooters can be dangerous to both their operators and others such as pedestrians and cyclists. Our office has represented a number of pedestrians and cyclists who sustained devastating injuries when struck by a Revel. The scooters, which are electric, give no warning to pedestrians and cyclists that they are quickly approaching.

Revel also allows passengers onboard its Class B Mopeds. However, serious injuries can be sustained by the passenger if the operator is inexperienced in its operation or negligent in not following the rules of the road. Our office is currently representing a number of those injured while riding as a passenger upon a Revel.

Revel injuries can also occur when the vehicle malfunctions or is not properly maintained. Cases have been reported involving sudden acceleration, faulty brakes and tires, and failed steering mechanisms. Our office is currently representing a number of those who have sustained serious injury do a defect in a Revel Moped.

If you have been involved in a crash with a Revel moped, you need assistance from an experienced lawyer who has the resources to take on your case and pursue the compensation you are entitled to.

What are the laws for Revel Mopeds?

Revel Mopeds are considered class B limited use motorcycles. In order to ride a Revel, you must have a driver’s license (revel requires you to be at least 21 years of age), and both the operator and passenger must wear a helmet. Revels cannot be ridden in bike lanes, on major bridges or highways. The headlight on the Revel is required to be on at all times and the operator must wear eye protection. The Mopeds are required to be insured and registered.

Here is some recent press involving our firm and Revel:

How Dangerous Are Revel Scooters?

Although Revel has made an effort to elevate its safety standards by re-launching in New York City with new protective measures for riders, including a mandatory in-app safety test and a requirement that all riders take a selfie wearing a helmet before riding, major safety concerns still exist surrounding these scooters. These concerns are the reason why Revel had to suspend its electric moped services in New York City in July of 2020 when two people were killed, according to an announcement on the company’s Twitter page.

The status of the NYC-based startup did not always look so grim, however. Popularity peaked for these scooters in January 2020, but some riders were still unsure of the proper safety precautions. The scooters are not necessarily simple to ride, and riders were likely unprepared to deal with the propensity of such a machine.

We understand that it can be difficult to navigate the streets of NYC. Sometimes, public transportation simply doesn’t cut it and it is normal for the average person to want to elevate their traveling experience. We appreciate the effort that transportation companies are putting into providing convenient alternatives for those who navigate our city. However, we also believe that these companies need to be held accountable for putting the necessary precautions into place to keep our people safe. That’s why our team provides support and legal guidance for those who have found themselves injured by one of these transportation modes. We believe that you should be able to get from point A to point B unscathed, and we are here to help you explore your options in the case that this does not happen.

If you were involved in a Revel Accident in New York, our team is here to provide the support you need. Call us at (866) 352-6944 or contact us online to find out how we can help you explore your options.

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