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NYC’s 22nd Cyclist Killed This Year

In August, a bicycle collision resulting in the death of the 22nd bicyclist in New York City this year again reinvigorated the city management discussion of establishing more designated bicycle lanes for the streets of NYC.

While the number of bike crashes is generally down from last year's statistics, the number of deaths has increased dramatically over the last year (there were 10 cyclist deaths in 2018). Cyclists are constantly aware of the dangers present in a metropolis like NYC. Congestion is common on the streets all over the city, but there are other issues outside of motor vehicles in transit for bike enthusiasts.

The New York Bike Lawyers at Flanzig & Flanzig, LLP understand the issues bicyclists face when transporting around the city, and are encouraging local legislators to take steps that could make traveling safer for cyclists, even in highly dense areas.

Crash Scenario

The victim in the recent fatality case was actually among others on the sidewalk when a reckless driver crashed into another car on the highway and slid to the sidewalk, striking the cyclist and killing him. The driver of one involved vehicle was also injured and treated at a Brooklyn hospital, and the other driver was an 18-year old who was taken into police custody following the incident.

The Green Wave Plan

The city, in combination with Mayor de Blazio, has introduced a new initiative for New York City that includes 82 new bicycle lanes—even on streets such as Coney Island Avenue where this collision occurred. However, this would have most likely had little effect in this particular crash because the potential for much more damage was clearly present. There are many streets in NYC that are designed for traffic at high rates of speed, and it is a miracle that more sidewalk crashes do not happen.

Additional Issues

Another problem for those using bicycles is that they can also be affected by individuals who are merely getting out of their parked vehicle without checking the rearview mirror for approaching bicyclists. This is exactly what happened with the 18th victim of the year when the bicyclist was "doored" by a van driver getting out of his vehicle. The new plan is at least a step in the right direction for all who are affected by bike crashes in the city.

Bicycle crash cases can be complicated. If you or a loved one is injured in a bicycle crash, turn to the New York bike lawyers at Flanzig & Flanzig, LLP. Our attorneys are dedicated to fighting for the rights of bicycle crash injury victims so they receive the compensation they need to heal.

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