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Determining Negligent Parties In a Bicycle Collision

Any crash can be considered severe when the individuals involved suffer some kind of injury. However, few have the same impact as a bicycle collision as the victim is often the bicyclist with no protection surrounding them.


In multiple vehicle collisions, the frame around the vehicle typically provides some protection. Bicyclists to have this same luxury and they are susceptible to catastrophic--sometimes fatal--injuries.


What’s not often known, though, is the various parties who can be considered negligent. Understanding liability and the potentially responsible parties in a bicycle crash can help the injured party take the necessary legal action to pursue compensation for the injuries they have sustained.


A Driver In a Vehicle

The most common type of bicycle collision involves the bicyclist and a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, there are many instances in which motorists don’t respect bicyclists as they should, oftentimes putting them at risk of significant danger.


Bicyclists often use the roads in a very similar manner as vehicles, but impatient or inexperienced drivers may not give them the room to operate accordingly. This can result in a serious crash and the driver of the vehicle may be considered responsible for the injuries.


In many situations, bicycle crashes occur at intersections as a result of an oversight on behalf of the driver. For instance, if the driver is making a right turn and the bicyclist is crossing at a legal crosswalk, the driver may be looking to his or her left to ensure they can turn, but they don’t notice the bicyclist and they cause a collision.


Drivers and vehicle owners may also be held accountable in instances where they are parked, but open a door without looking and cause a bicyclist to crash.


The Bicycle Manufacturer

While many people don’t recognize this, there are situations in which a bicycle may be determined to be defective resulting in a crash.


Consider the scenario: You’ve owned your bicycle for some time and kept it maintained. However, one day, something goes wrong and your front tire breaks completely. If this can be linked to some sort of design or manufacturer defect, there are some situations in which the manufacturer of the bicycle can be considered liable for your injuries.


Cities or Municipalities

Unfortunately, there are many injuries bicyclists sustain as a result of a road danger such as a pothole, large cracks in sidewalks and cement, and other potential hazards. If you are injured in a collision where no other vehicle is involved, it could be attributed to the road danger and it may be the city or municipality who is considered responsible.


These entities are expected to maintain the roads to ensure safety. When they know of a danger but fail to take action to rectify the issue, they can be held accountable should the hazard cause harm.


Other Factors to Consider

In a busy area like the New York Metropolitan area, there are numerous possibilities that can cause a bicycle crash, making multiple parties potentially liable for a single collision.


For instance, if you as a bicyclist are injured by someone driving a rideshare vehicle, there may be multiple factors to consider. If the driver received a notification of a new passenger nearby and checked his or her phone to accept the job, the driver can be held accountable for being distracted. However, the company may hold some liability for knowingly causing the distraction.


At Flanzig & Flanzig, LLP, we have a unique insight into bicycle crashes as one of our attorneys is an avid cyclist. Daniel Flanzig has a true understanding of what dangers exist to bicyclists and how to hold someone accountable if they were negligent.


Our New York bicycle crash attorneys are ready to stand in your corner and help you navigate the complex legal matters that follow. We have helped recover millions of dollars on our clients’ behalves, and we’re ready to work for you.


Call us at (888) 290-5994 today to speak with one of our skilled attorneys regarding your rights after a bicycle collision.

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