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Cyclists, Beware of a Right Hook

When looking at some of the common types of bicycle crashes, there are some trends to be observed. One of the most common collisions that a bicyclist faces is called a “right hook.”


This type of accident is a common occurrence in bicycle collisions and knowing what exactly it is could help to make riders and drivers more aware of their surroundings and hopefully prevent crashes and injuries.

The Right Hook

A “right hook” is an instance in which a car hits a cyclist at an intersection while making a right turn, and it can happen in a few different instances. One situation of a right hook arises when a bicyclist is in a crosswalk and the driver of a vehicle fails to see the rider when making a right turn, slamming into the cyclist.


The second situation of a right hook occurs when a vehicle driver attempts to speed past a bicyclist and cuts them off while making a turn before the bicyclist makes it in the intersection. The bicyclist then does not have time to react and slams into the right side of the vehicle. In any of these situations, tragic results can occur.

How to Prevent This Sort of Accident

Drivers should do their best to always be aware of bicyclists on the road. Especially in the hustle and bustle of New York, there are bikers everywhere that use their two wheels to get around the city. The Department of Health estimates that over half a million people in New York use bicycles at least once a month.


With this in mind, it’s essential to understand that bicycles are going to be in many places across the city. It’s necessary for drivers to be hyper-aware of their surroundings while utilizing their rear and side view mirrors in order to spot bicyclists in all directions and in blind spots.


Riders, make sure that you also remain aware of drivers around you. Since many drivers are not aware of you on the street, it increases the risk of accidents due to a lack of awareness or a frustration that causes drivers to try and pass bicycles.


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