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Types of Bicycle Crash-Related Injuries

Bicycling is a great way to travel around New York and get plenty of exercise at the same time, but it also presents certain risks to riders. Understanding the nature of bike crashes and related injuries can be useful in their prevention.


In cases where accidents do occur, the victims and their families may require financial compensation, but they will also need proper legal representation to help guarantee that the damages received are adequate. They can find such help from the New York Bike Lawyers.

Risks that New York Bicyclists Face

Bike collisions result in approximately half-a-million significant injuries and nearly 1,000 fatalities every year in the United States. Annual biker deaths in the state of New York average between 40 and 50, with about half of those fatalities occurring in New York City. These are the major factors that increase the risk for death and serious injury among bicyclists:

  • The rider is a male in his late childhood or early adolescence

  • The accident takes place late in the afternoon or early in the evening

  • A motor vehicle is involved

The Most Common Biker Injuries

Some bicyclist injuries are superficial, involving scrapes, cuts, and bruises, and result from falls. More serious injuries can involve the upper or lower portions of the body, including the head and neck, and can be due to a crash involving a negligent driver.


Head trauma is responsible for more than half of the biker deaths and long-term injuries and often result from collisions with motor vehicles. Injuries to the eyes and elsewhere on the face can result from flying debris in the city.

Reducing Injuries to Riders

There are a number of ways to reduce the risk of injury to cyclists and lessen the likelihood of a collision occurring in the first place. Drivers should always be aware of their surroundings and look in their side and rearview mirrors every few seconds. Especially during the holidays, there will be more people on the road and out and about. Always keep an eye out for cyclists and pedestrians while driving and avoid distractions such as texting.


Riders should always wear helmets, shoes, and proper clothing, and should also take steps to protect their eyes. Bright clothing can also help to increase visibility to drivers.


Bicycles can also be fitted with lights and reflectors for riding in darkness or low-light conditions. Riders should always remain vigilant for reckless drivers, ruts in the road, or other potential hazards.


Bicyclists who suffer injuries that result from the negligence of others should consider seeking the services of a New York bike lawyer.

Seeking Financial Compensation

Injured bikers may seek compensation to cover medical expenses and to replace lost wages if they are unable to work. However, they will need legal advice to ensure that they are treated fairly under the laws of New York. This type of assistance can only be obtained from the New York Bike Lawyers.


Contact Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP at (888) 290-5994 to discuss your bicycle crash case today.

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