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Alliance for Biking and Walking align with Bike Law and NY Bike Lawyers - Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP

New York Bike collision Lawyers and the Bike Law Network Form Partnership with the Alliance for Bike and Walking

The Bike Law Network and New York Bike Lawyers, Flanzig and Flanzig LLP has aligned with the Alliance for Biking and Walking as the officical New York City and Long Island Bike Crash and collision Attorneys.

The Bike Law network is a team of like-minded bicycle advocates and collision attorneys in over 20 States. Alliance members have access to on-call assistance from national experts, including pro-bono legal services offered by Bike Law.

The Alliance for Biking & Walking creates, strengthens, and unites state and local bicycling and walking advocacy organizations. We give advocates tools to win campaigns that transform communities into great places to bike and walk.

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