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Free Helmet Keeps Young Crash Victim Safe

She dislocated her hip, but the helmet kept her safe”, explained Gina Schuster of her daughter's bike crash on July 10.

The helmet, which is now cracked and dented ,was given to six-year-old Katie Schuster just 11 days prior to the crash.

Deputy Chief Andrew Schlagel says he noticed Katie and her family biking without the helmets in late June. Schlagel was able to provide them with a free helmet through the Safe Kids Wisconsin program.

Gina says on July 10, she and Katie were biking near their home in Ringle, when Katie began to lose control near a steep hill. Gina said she tried to grab Katie before she picked up too much speed, but it was too late as both crashed on the pavement.

Gina took her daughter to the walk-in clinic for x-rays; and after a quick visit to the ER she was released.

"I think she would have definitely had some serious injuries if she hadn't [had the helmet],” Gina said.