Daniel Flanzig's Article on Handling a "dooring' case in New York is to appear in the New York law Journal tomorrow.

Daniel Flanzig's article on handling a "dooring" case is New York including an in depth look at New York Vehicle and Traffic Law §1214 and cases applying the statute is to run in the New York law Journal tomorrow, May 11th in the outside counsel column. The article also looks into other applicable statutes and regulations relating to dooring cases by vehicles and New York City cabs, including Sec. 4-08(e) of the Traffic Rules and Regulations which "prohibits the stopping, standing or parking of a vehicle within a designated bicycle lane" The article also examines the code violation of § 411(c) which requires "taxis while engaged in picking up or discharging passengers must be within 12 inches of the curb or parallel thereto". The rule also prohibits the picking up or discharging of passengers within a bicycle lane.

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