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Two great trial results on behalf of NYC Cyclists In the Last Two Weeks

Our office obtained two great trial results on behalf of NYC cyclists in the last two weeks.

First was an $80,000.00 verdict for a NYC cyclists who sustained a fractured Pinky, yes Pinky, and yes $80,000! After our office obtained Summary Judgment in this "dooring" crash case, our office convinced a jury to award $80,000.00, 4 times the pre-trial offer.

Following that, or office obtained another great trial result in Brooklyn. This case involved a cyclist forced to leave the bike lane due to an illegally parked vehicle. While attempting to re-enter the bike lane, he was sideswiped by the Defendant. The Defendant had N.Y.S. minimum insurance of $25,000.00 which the insurance company refused to offer. Our client had a significant injury and significant under-insurance coverage that would not be triggered until the $25,000.00 was paid. A pre-trial deal was negotiated. The deal required the Defendant to pay $1000 dollars for every percentage point the jury found them responsible for the crash. If the jury found the driver over 25%, the insurance company would pay the full policy of $25,000 allowing us to pursue the under-insurance claim. At the conclusion of the trial the jury found the Defendant well more than 25% responsible for the crash, thus paying the full $25,000.00 and allowing us to now pursue his under-insurance claim.

This is just some of our results in the last two weeks. Visit our results page at https://www.newyorkbikelawyer.com/case-results/ to learn more. #mylawyerdoesntsuck

Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much!