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One more Yelp review received this week!

“Dan was fantastic. I was hit by an inattentive driver pulling out of a parking spot - breaking my rib, tearing up my knee and sending me over the handlebars to land flat on my back in the middle of oncoming traffic. Car owner was a belligerent nightmare. No-fault kept screwing up my claim through endless bureaucracy. Then I was accused of getting hit "on purpose". It was a nightmare of details, worrying that if I didn't do every single thing right I would get screwed. Called up Flanzig & Flanzig due to their expertise in bike crashes. Dan immediately took the entire burden off my plate, explained the process and put me at ease. Anytime I had a question or concern Dan or someone from his office got back to me promptly with an answer. No phone call or email went unanswered. And I never had to ask the same question twice. Flanzig & Flanzig handled it. I got my life back. Can't recommend them highly enough."

(Dominic - Cyclist from NYC)