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Great New Interactive Biking Map from the NY Times

Bicyclists in New York City were picky long before New York had a bike share program, which made its debut on Memorial Day. With the city hoping to add thousands of new riders, local bike knowledge is as important as ever. And whether it’s on the subway or on a bike, New Yorkers are happy to tell you how to get from A to B.

Today, The Times is publishing an interactive map, “Your Biking Wisdom in 10 Words,” which allows readers to annotate a map with their own inside knowledge and read what others have to say.

Looking for a an alternative to the Greenway from the George Washington Bridge? (Try St. Nicholas Avenue.) How to avoid Canal Street going west from the Manhattan Bridge? (Hop on Prince Street via Rivington.) Wondering whether riding on Flatbush Avenue is ever a good idea? (For the moment, survey says no.)

We’ve started the map with a few dozen tips from a small group of avid bicyclists. In addition, users can explore popular routes around the city using data from Strava, a running and cycling app.

Go forth and spread your wisdom!