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Spoke Insurance available in NY for New York Cyclists


I receive several calls a week from cyclists who were involved in a crash were this insurance would surely be handy. Now available in NY, Spoke Insurance provides invaluable coverage.


This new program is the first of its kind in America. According to Craig Dawson, “Our program is like having auto insurance for your bicycle.” Whether it is casual riding, commuting to work or racing in a club event, cyclists can now purchase a policy to protect themselves and their bicycles from the hazards of cycling.

The insurance is offered and underwritten by an “A” rated carrier with limits as high as $100,000 to cover liability, $25,000 per occurrence and $50,000 aggregate for uninsured & underinsured motorists. In addition, cyclists can choose up to $1000 medical payments and insure their bicycles for physical damage and theft. Road-side assistance is also offered as an option. Coverage will initially be available in Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Hawaii and will eventually be offered in all 50 States.

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