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New York Bike Lawyers Launch @Bike Witness!


Helping Bike Crash Victims and Bike Crash Witnesses Come Together

"See Something, Tweet Something"


April 14, 2013, New York, NY

In honor of upcoming Bike Month and the soon to be launched NYC Bike-Share Program, NewYorkBikeLawyers.com, the Law Firm Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP has released a brand new site, BikeWitness.Org!

What is BikeWitness.Org?

Bikewitness.org is a free service allowing bike crash victims and bike crash witnesses a simple and easy way to come together. By simply posting to the site via Twitter (@bikewitness), or by using Facebook, bike crash witnesses and bike crash victims can instantaneously connect within minutes of a crash. The site is designed to work anywhere in the world! Post from the street, a bike lane, or even at your desk, and help your fellow cyclists.

Why this site?

The concept arose after we noticed the inability of our cycling clients to find a witness after a crash. The crash victim may have been able to only obtain a first or partial name, an incorrect phone number, or was so severely injured they were unable to ascertain any information after the crash. We also started to notice an increase in the failure of the police to properly obtain witness information. Although our clients knew there was a "witness", they could never ascertain their identity. This site now allows the opportunity for the victim and witness to connect. A sort of "missed encounters" for bike crash victims and bike crash witnesses. We also hope this site will assist the police in finding witnesses to crashes and help crash victims and their families obtain justice.

Just Google "looking for bike crash witness" and you will see plenty of posts from cyclists, Police Agencies, or families of victims trying to learn more about a crash. This site will now provide a centralized place for victims and witnesses to find each other anywhere in the world!

To learn more about the site visit http://www.bikewitness.org or NewYorkBikelawyers.com