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Law 360: Insurers, Trial Attorneys Split On Hit-And-Run Coverage

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Insurers, Trial Attorneys Split On Hit-And-Run Coverage

By Pete Brush New York, September 7, 2012

A looming decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on whether to sign legislation that would see many New Yorkers buy extra protection from hit-and-run car accidents has triggered a fight between an insurance group, which says the bill limits choice, and lawyers who say the real worry is profit-oriented. "It's one of the few insurance products that you actually buy for yourself plaintiffs' attorney Dan Flanzig, managing partner of N.Y. based Flanzig & Flanzig LLP, said Thursday. Flanzig, who has a large practice representing auto accident victims, expressed bafflement that the insurance industry would raise questions about consumer choice in rejecting legislation that on its face would appear to generate more premium dollars. Anyone holding such coverage is protected whether they are in a car, on a bicycle or on foot, according to Flanzig, who said he has such coverage primarily because of the bikes in New York City. "If I'm hit by a taxicab that doesn't have insurance, I'm protected," Flanzig said. Click here to read to read the full article in Law360.com

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