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The First Ave Bike Lane is Coming!

First Avenue: Bike Lane Coming Soon

Over the past two years, in response to requests from the community and as part of the First Avenue Complete Street Redesign, DOT installed bicycle facilities on First Avenue between Houston and East 56th Street. In addition, the existing bike lanes between East 72nd Street and East 125th Street were upgraded to buffered bicycle lanes. This year, DOT will bridge the gap, installing parking protected paths from East 61st Street to East 72nd Street. This will provide a continuous bicycle network on First Avenue from Houston to East 125th Street.

Implementation is scheduled to begin in April. Much like the paths installed in 2010 and 2011, the design between East 61st and East 72nd Streets will include concrete pedestrian islands, mixing zones, turn lanes and a curbside bicycle lane on the west side of the street. The existing bike paths on First and Second below East 34th Street have improved safety for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers.