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  • The New York Post

    Scooter-sharing service Revel is racking up injury lawsuits months after launch

    "That level of ease has turned outer-borough traffic into a high-stakes road test", according to lawyer Daniel Flanzig, who represents two people bringing personal-injury suits against Revel in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

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  • StreetsBlog

    Attorney for Killed Cyclist: Victim-Blaming NYPD is Conducting a Botched Investigation

    “Flanzig said that narrative is inconsistent with reality — and is almost certainly based entirely on the testimony of a driver seeking to exonerate himself.”

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  • Gothamist

    Appeals Court Upholds Vision Zero Law Allowing Reckless Drivers To Be Charged With Misdemeanors
    " It's a very big deal," said Daniel Flanzig, a NYC attorney who frequently represents cyclists.

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  • The New York Times

    “I’m as worried about the Revel operators as I am the pedestrians,” says Daniel Flanzig, a lawyer who focuses on cases involving cyclists and traffic accidents. He represents a cyclist who recently filed a lawsuit against Revel, saying he had been hit by a careless moped user.

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  • Gothamist

    The biggest issue that you have is the counter movement of that truck," said Daniel Flanzig, a personal injury lawyer who represents pedestrians and cyclists struck by large vehicles.

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  • RTVI

    How road safety can be improved, how much cities are adapted for bicycles, and why even having bike lanes cannot solve the dispute between cyclists and motorists, RTVI was discussed on the air with New Yorker Daniil Rybkin , lawyer Daniel Flanzig , New Yorker Jan Joffe and an urbanist , specialist in urban economics Dmitry Sivaev.

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  • StreetsBlog

    The suit against the Brooklyn-based company certainly won’t be the last — attorney Daniel Flanzig argues Revel has been ill-equipped at preparing its users for the city’s busy and poorly designed roads and how to safely share them with other users, especially bikers.

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  • The New York Post

    Watch: Adult cyclist cited for riding without helmet — under law meant for kids

    Two Brooklyn cops ticketed a 45-year-old cyclist for riding without a helmet — erroneously citing a law that actually only applies to pedal-pushers under 14, viral video shows.

    “In New York City, you should not be riding without a helmet,” one of the officers insists in the clip, shot Saturday morning near the corner of Avenue L and Bedford Avenue in Midwood.

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  • Bloomberg BNA

    Daniel Flanzig discusses potential liability issues with the release of Scooters in urban cities like New York. Flanzig predicts scooter claims are especially likely after two recent user deaths. “I expect we’ll see more litigation over scooters in the future,” Designs may be targets as Flanzig worries about New York streets. “Are these things stable for NYC street conditions?” Click here to read the full story in the Bloomberg BNA.

  • The Brooklyn Paper

    Daniel Flanzig discusses Park Slope Pedestrian Tragedy

    “They’re going to be talking to doctors, subpoenaing records, looking into the driver’s health” said Daniel Flanzig, a Manhattan-based attorney who represents pedestrians and cyclists. Click here to read the full article.

  • Gothamist

    Daniel Flanzig, the attorney for the Lough family in their civil case, told Gothamist "The next steps are now to hold him accountable in civil court for the impact this has had on her husband and her family." Click here to read the full story in Gothamist.

  • City Limits.org

    Daniel Flanzig Discusses lack of prosecution in hit and run crashes.

  • The New York Times

    Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by the New York Times on the legalities of Biking while drinking in New York City as well as the new culture of bar hopping on City Bikes. Click here to read the full story in the New York Times.

  • NBC-NY

    Daniel Flanzig appeared on NBC-NY discussing current legislation concerning E-bikes in NYC

  • The New York Post

    NYPD Suit against NY Cyclist thwarted by New York Bike Lawyers

    Read more about our Pro Bono efforts on behalf of a New York cyclist billed by the NYPD and City of New York for the damage to their police car after it ran him down. As a result of our efforts, the city dropped the case and we helped expose this inequitable practice by the City of New York. Click here to read the full story in the New York Post.

  • The New York Post

    Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by the New York Post about the danger New York Cyclists face by being doored while cycling in NYC and the results he has obtained for some of his clients. " Flanzig said half his bike-crash cases involve dooring, with more than 35 clients injured in the past two years, many of whom win settlements." Click here to read the full article in The New York Post.

  • Newsday

    A select few lawyers have embraced specialization with gusto, turning their careers away from the broad practices pursued at most firms...Daniel Flanzig, a longtime recreational bicyclist, knew firsthand of the tension between riders and motorists in the New York City area. Click here to read the complete story in Newsday.

  • City Limits.org

    Daniel Flanzig discusses the lack of successful prosecution of New York City’s “Right of Way” law. “The ones with significant injuries that are squeaking by in OATH court—these people aren’t seeing justice,” says Daniel Flanzig, a personal injury attorney with Flanzig and Flanzig LLP.

  • Nola

    New York attorney Daniel Flanzig, whose personal injury practice focuses on cases involving cyclists, said in an interview that one of the easiest ways to get tickets riding a bike in New York is to run red lights. Click here to read the full story!
  • DNAInfo.com

    Judge Bans Actress from Driving After NYPD Waives Charges in Cyclist Death

    "But for our civil suit, certain things would never have been brought to light, including that she was using Google Maps to guide her," said Daniel Flanzig, the lawyer for Brenner's estate, said that the actress would still be on New York's roads were it not for information uncovered in a civil suit. Click here to read more.

  • Gothamist

    NYPD Officer Gets 90 Day License Suspension for Fatal West Side Highway Crash

    Attorney Daniel Flanzig, who is representing the Kovals, said that even license suspensions are not common. "Obviously we'd rather see something more severe, but sanctions seem to be so rare we're happy to see they did it," he told Gothamist. "I've probably attended fifteen to twenty of these hearings. This one, and [the estate of] Matt Brenner are the two where there has been a revocation or suspension of a license." Click here to read the full story.

  • Crain’s New York

    Is Uber Killing the Bike Messenger?

    Daniel Flanzig quoted in Crain's New York on the changes that Uber's new bike messenger program in bringing to NY and whether NYC bike Messengers are properly protected in case of a crash. "You're going to exceed $50,000 in medical bills," said Daniel Flanzig, a partner at Flanzig & Flanzig, a law firm that focuses on bike crashes in the New York area. "Workers' compensation could last years, if not a lifetime of benefits." Click here to read the full story.

  • Shape

    Shape Magazine

    Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Shape Magazine following the recent Prospect Park Ropping of a cyclist. "Daniel Flanzig a lawyer who focuses on cycling injuries in New York City. (Yes, there is such thing as a bike lawyer! Who knew?) Flanzig recommends always calling the police to the scene of a bike crash, even if it's minor and you think you're okay. "If there's another party involved, you can make sure proper insurance information is exchanged in case you need it later," he says. Click here to read the full story.

  • Brooklyn Paper

    Daniel Flanzig discusses Brooklyn Hit and Run crash involving Action Carting and the Failure of the Police to Prosecute. “Most of the evidence they rely upon is usually collected within 24 to 48 hours, maybe a week or two,” said attorney Daniel Flanzig, who represents cyclists and pedestrians across the city. “I can’t imagine what they’re going to recover that they haven’t recovered already. I never see developments later on that they didn’t have before.” Read the full story here.

  • DNAinfo.com New York

    Cyclist Death Caused by Bad Design at Hudson River Greenway Crossing

    The suit, which is seeking unspecified damages, is one of several Maclean filed following his wife's death, his attorney Daniel Flanzig said Friday. In May, Maclean filed a similar suit in Manhattan Supreme Court against defendants including the city Department of Transportation, and at the end of January he hit the state Department of Transportation with a suit filed in the state Court of Claims, records show. Flanzig noted that it "wasn’t until Olga’s death that the city stepped in to make the corrections.” Click here to read the full story.

  • BicycleLaw.com

    All of my fellow avid bicyclists know Bob Mionske, the former Olympic and pro cyclist who also wrote THE book on bike law, “Bicycling and The Law.” I and Jim Reed, a top-notch upstate New York bike accident lawyer, were recently honored to be interviewed by Bob for his blog, BicycleLaw.com. For bicycle accident lawyers, being featured on Bob’s blog is like an athlete being featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. It doesn't get any better! Click here to read the full interview.

  • New York Post

    Attorney Daniel Flanzig, who specializes in lawsuits involving cyclists, said the ruling could have widespread ramifications. “Any [company that] rents a bike in New York is going to have to make sure that they make helmets available to the riders or they could be sued on that theory alone,” Flanzig said. The ruling “solidifies any claim against any bike rental company that does not make helmets available to the rider,” he explained. “It’s always a good idea both legally and practically to make helmets available to riders,” Flanzig said. Click here to read the full story.

  • Citylab

    Daniel Flanzig discusses potential liability issues with Bike Share programs and helmet use. Speaking to The New York Post, cyclist-lawsuit attorney Daniel Flanzig says that the ruling “solidifies any claim against any bike rental company that does not make helmets available to the rider.” Click here to read the full article.

  • Crain’s New York Business

    This has been a banner year financially for Bike New York, said Kenneth Podziba, chief executive of the organization. The tour gained five new sponsors for a total of 10. The newcomers are Chipotle, New York Apple Association—which is donating 12,000 apples—I Love NY/Taste NY, bike-rental firm Spinlister and personal injury law firm Flanzig & Flanzig. They join REI, Kind Bar, Del Monte Fresh Produce, Bloomberg LP—which re-upped for "a lot more," Mr. Podziba said—and title sponsor TD Bank. Click here to read the full article.

  • Newsday

    Daniel Flanzig attended a law enforcement bicycle and pedestrian training program at the Suffolk County Police Academy. He was the only non-law enforcement attendee amongst officers from across Long Island. “I think these officers are really highly motivated to learn more about keeping us safer on the roads,” said Flanzig, a Mineola attorney who has represented pedestrian and cyclist crash victims. Click here to read the full story in Newsday.

  • Bloomberg

    Daniel Flanzig discusses the unfortunate death of a pedestrian in Central Park as a result of being struck by a bicyclist. "The numbers are historically really, really low," Daniel Flanzig, a Manhattan attorney who specializes in representing cyclists, said of both serious pedestrian injuries and lawsuits over them. "There's not an epidemic." Click here for the full story at BloombergNews.com

  • Gothamist

    John Roemer was riding his bicycle in Williamsburg when he was struck from behind by a driver. Roemer suffered a fractured hip and was in the ICU for three days. The driver's insurance recognized that she was at fault and paid, but the driver wants recompense for the damage Roemer's body and bike did to her car. "I couldn't tell you what's in her head, but it's outrageous and crazy that it's even happening," says Roemer's attorney, Daniel Flanzig. "I just think it's her not accepting responsibility and not realizing how seriously she injured John. Click here to read the full story.

  • Fast Company

    NY faces an increase of "sidewalk" tickets for cyclists

    Daniel Flanzig interviewed by Co.EXIST.com regarding the recent increase in "Sidewalk Tickets" being issued by the NYPD and the manner in which they are being adjudicated in the New York Courts. Click here to read the full story.

  • Vision Long Island

    New York Bicycle Coalition’s Daniel Flanzig spoke about their numerous advocacy efforts. Recently, Flanzig presented at Suffolk County Police Department’s Bike and Pedestrian Law Enforcement Training, where he had the opportunity to not only witness the education of law enforcement on shared responsibility between pedestrians and drivers, but to share knowledge. To read more click here.

  • Newsday

    Cycling advocates honor accident victims

    Cycling advocates called Sunday for infrastructure investments and legislation to improve safety for bike riders at a Long Beach event in memory of those killed in traffic accidents. “Long Island continues to be a car culture,” said Daniel Flanzig, a board member of the coalition who is also a Mineola-based attorney specializing in bicycle-related lawsuits. “We are still a decade behind New York City in recognizing cyclist and pedestrian rights on our roadways,” Flanzig said he wants to see the state enact a law requiring drivers to give cyclists three feet of distance when passing them. Click here for the full story.

  • The Village Voice

    On April 21, 2013, Daniel Flanzig rode in the 8th Annual Memorial Ride in NYC. He rode in honor of the family of his client Joseph Nelson who died in a tragic dooring crash in the Bronx. Village Voice reporter Sydney Brownstone covered the event and ask Daniel for his input about the increased number of cyclists in New York and the upcoming Citi-Bike Launch. "Daniel Flanzig, a lawyer who has represented injured cyclists and their families for 16 years and rode in the memorial on Sunday, expressed a similar sentiment" Click here to read the full story.

  • Newsday

    Daniel Flanzig appeared on behalf of the New York Bicycle Coalition alongside State Assemblyman Edward Hennessey (D-Brookhaven) who called for $20 million in additional state funding to make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians and for tougher penalties for hit-and-run drivers. "Our roadways are dangerous, people are getting killed at almost epidemic rates," Hennessey said at a news conference in Patchogue. "It's time to complete our streets and make things safer and strengthen penalties." Click here to read the full article.

  • The Huffington Post

    A New York woman was still reeling from the death of her 71-year-old mother when she received a letter from the driver’s insurance company. A note of condolence, perhaps? Not quite: The company demanded the woman pay more than $6,000 for damages to the 2012 BMW that killed her mother. Daniel Flanzig , attorney for the victim's daughter, Monica, who asked that her last name not be used, told The Huffington Post, “this was not just a form letter issued by an insurance company, but rather a conscious decision by the company to get their money back from this family for the damage to their insured's vehicle, damage that was caused by striking and killing Anna". Click here to read the entire story.

  • Daniel Flanzig Interviewed by Brazilian TV on NYC Bike Laws and Bike Tickets in NYC

    Quase 200 ciclistas são multados por dia em Nova York

    In preparation for the New York City Bike Share Program (Citi-Bike )Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Marcelo Parpinelli Medeiros of Brazilian TV Station RedeTV. The interviewed focused on current Bike Laws in New York City, Bike Tickets in NYC, and the aggressive enforcement of these laws by the NYPD.

  • Vice

    Daniel Flanzig interviewed by Vice.com on the present state of criminal prosecution of motorists in bike related fatalities. “Right now, what New York misses that other states have is that the police cannot issue a summons unless an act was committed in their presence,” says local bike attorney Dan Flanzig. This means most bicyclists can expect police action only if a cop happens to watch with his or her own eyes as they get flattened on the pavement. Click here to read the full story.

  • Daniel Flanzig Interviewed By Nippon TV on the launch of Citi Bikes

    Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Nippon TV, a leading Japanese TV Station regarding the launch of the NYC Bike Share System. Daniel offered his opinion on the safety of the Bike Share Program and the traffic rules and regulations that are applicable to NYC Cyclists.

  • Daniel Flanzig Interviewed on WPIX 11 New York regarding Citi-Bikes and Helmets for Riders

    Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Jay Dow of WPIX News, NY. Jay Dow was doing a story on the Bloomberg Administrations push on a variety of health Issues such as cigarettes, large sodas, and trans-fats but not bike helmets. Jay Dow's story was to bring attention the lack of a law or requirement in the City to require bike Helmets for Citi-Bike users despite this administration’s aggressive approach to other less obvious dangers.

    Click here to learn more.

    Daniel Flanzig on WPIX New York via Skype

  • New York Post

    A Manhattan man filed the second lawsuit against the city over an allegedly faulty Citi Bike fender. Last September, another rider was thrown from a bike when the front wheel locked up. His attorney Daniel Flanzig, who specializes in cycling suits, believes the Citi Bikes may have a design flaw.

  • Toronto Star

    Daniel Flanzig interviewed by Star reporter Alex Ballingall on Ontario's new proposed anti-dooring penalties and the impact of similarly increased fines for "doorings" in NYC. "I don't think it's actually ever been a deterrent, but I think it works very, very well when I have a civil claim," he said, adding that he'd welcome stiffer fines for "dooring" in New York and supports the increased penalties in Ontario." Click here to read the full story in the Toronto Star.

  • Gothamist

    Drunk Citi-Biking?

    There have only been eight reported injuries on Citi Bikes so far (no one is tracking whether any of those people were drunk), but bike lawyer Daniel Flanzig is convinced it's just a matter of time: “it’s probably inevitable that there’s going to be a Citi Bike crash involving alcohol.” Shawn, a 30-year-old who uses the bike-share program about 20 times a week and admits to drunk biking...But he has a healthy attitude about it: “I really wasn’t that drunk,” he said. “I’ve never blackout Citi Biked.” Click here to read the full story.

  • New York Observer

    Daniel Flanzig interviewed by the New York Observer on the necessity of obtaining proper insurance information after a crash. The article also discusses the risks of riding a Citi bike and the potential impact of uninsured scenarios for New York cyclists. Click here to read the full article.

  • Law 360

    NYC’s Bike-Share Program Could Spark Tour De Litigation

    Bicycle-crash attorney Dan Flanzig of Flanzig & Flanzig pointed to a recent report issued by New York City Comptroller John Liu, which said that, while the city has required Alta to purchase $10 million in general liability coverage for every year the program operates, "it is unknown if the level of coverage is adequate." New York City has played down those liability questions, but they haven't gone away. According to Flanzig, the $10 million level of coverage is "shocking" given the coming influx of bikers who will be taking to the streets — with or without helmets, which are encouraged, but not legally required. Click here to read the full story.

  • The Washington Times

    Talk about adding insult to injury. A New York City bicyclist who was injured by a police officer who nearly ran him over with his car now has been handed a bill — to repair the dents in the cop car. The accident occurred in November. Justin Johnsen, 31, told the New York Post he got a bill for $1,263 for the officer’s car damages a couple weeks ago. “They should be sending an apology letter instead of a bill,” said lawyer Daniel Flanzig. Click Here to Read More.

  • Gothamist

    Tickets Issued for Dooring Cyclists Slowly Increase

    “The population of cyclists in the city is growing, but the awareness of this dangerous act of opening a door into traffic is not,” said Daniel Flanzig, an attorney. Flanzig said half his bike-crash cases involve dooring, with more than 35 clients injured in the past two years, many of whom win settlements. Under state and city traffic laws, it’s the duty of a person opening a car door to look first. Taxi passengers must exit curbside. Click here to read the full story on Gothamist.

  • DNAinfo.com New York Neighborhood News

    Sunday marked the one-year anniversary of his death. Nelson’s somber memorial, known as a Ghost Bike, was erected by the volunteer group, Street Memorial Project. Since his death the police have not found any witnesses or video of the crash, nor identified the person who apparently opened the door Nelson struck and who left the scene according to Nelson’s family and their lawyer, Daniel Flanzig. Meanwhile, Flanzig, the Nelsons’ lawyer who often handles bike-crash cases, has launched a website called Bikewitness.org to help police and crash victims connect with witnesses. Click here to read the full story.

  • New York Post

    Insurance company charges survivors $6K to fix the car that killed their mother

    Five months after a Long Island grandmother was killed walking home, an insurance company demanded that her shattered family pay more than $6,000 — to repair the car that mowed her down...After the accident, Monica hired a lawyer, Daniel Flanzig, to sue the driver for negligence, claiming the driver could have avoided the accident by paying more attention to the road.....But before Flanzig could even file the suit, he received a letter from the insurer, Click here to read the full article in the New York Post.

  • Gothamist

    Cop Allegedly Knocks Woman Off Bicycle to Give Her a Ticket

    Daniel Flanzig was interviewed by Gothamist about the NYPD's lack of training in the area of bike law enforcement in NY. Daniel was retained by a 23-year-old New York Cyclist knocked from her bike by an NYPD officer attempting to write her a summons. The details of the story can be found here.

  • Bicycle Retailer

    Law firm launches BikeWitness.org

    NEW YORK, NY (BRAIN) — A New York law firm is launching a website intended to help victims of bike crashes connect with people who may have seen the accident. Cyclists involved in a crash can post to the new site, BikeWitness.org, via Twitter or with Facebook from a mobile device. A sort of “missed encounters” for bike crash victims and bike crash witnesses. The firm Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP, said it noticed the inability of cycling clients to find a witness after a crash. The firm said it hopes the site will provide a centralized place for victims and witnesses to find each other anywhere in the world.

    More information: www.bikewitness.org or NewYorkBikelawyers.com.

  • SpringWise.com

    We covered New York Bike Lawyers’ Bike Crash Kit back in September last year, which gave victims of a crash the tools to create a detailed document of the incident. Now the founders have introduced BikeWitness.org, which pairs up bike crash victims with witnesses of the event through tweets. They were inspired to encourage these pairings because they often heard that bike crash victims found it difficult to find people to act as witnesses to the incident.

  • Family Still Searching for Answers Months After Man's Unsolved Bike Death

    October 19, 2012, 9:33 am | By Patrick Wall

    FORDHAM — Dismayed by the police investigation into the crash the family hired an attorney, Daniel Flanzig, who sent a team of private investigators to the crash site. But by then, four days after the accident, the team uncovered no leads. "The lack of communication with my office and the family made it very, very difficult to investigate the case," Flanzig said. Without witnesses, surveillance footage or other physical evidence of the crash, the family could not pursue criminal or civil charges against the person who opened the door Nelson struck and then left the scene, Flanzig said. "The lack of an early investigation absolutely destroyed their right to have justice," he said. Click here to read the full story.

  • Fietsersbond

    New Yorkse fietsadvocaten lanceren Bike Crash App

    Het New Yorkse advocatenbureau Flanzig & Flanzig heeft zich helemaal op de fietsende klant gestort. Een lucratieve markt, want fietsers worden regelmatig 'gedoored' - met andere woorden door een autoportier tegen de vlakte geworpen - en aangereden door taxi's in de metropool. Flanzig & Flanzig maken het de fietser makkelijk met een nieuwe app, de Bike Crash App.

  • Road.CC

    A cyclist in New York City who was hospitalized after being struck by an unmarked police car has spoken of his disbelief after being billed more than $1,200 for the damage that happened to the vehicle during the incident. Flanzig, who had volunteered his services after hearing that the city had told Johnsen it would sue him if he didn’t pay, said: “They should be sending an apology letter instead of a bill.” Click here to read the full story.

  • Gothamist

    NYPD Won't Comment On Mysteriously Delayed Investigation Into Cyclist's Death

    By John Del Signore - October 19, 2012

    The brother of a Bronx cyclist who was fatally doored in April says the NYPD has completely dropped the ball on the investigation into his brother's death. Nelson's attorney Daniel Flanzig, who also sent private investigators to the scene four days after the accident in a fruitless attempt to find any evidence, tells DNAinfo, "The lack of an early investigation absolutely destroyed their right to have justice." We asked the NYPD press office and NYPD spokesman Paul Browne why the AIS investigation was so significantly delayed in this case and received no reply. We'll update if hell ever freezes over. Click here to read the full story.

  • Streets Blog NYC

    NYPD Snafu Means No Justice for Bronx Cyclist

    The N.Y.P.D. torpedoed its own investigation into the crash that killed a Bronx cyclist, whose death was not reported to the Accident Investigation Squad for over a month. Joseph Nelson, 54, was riding his bike near the intersection of Fordham Road and Jerome Avenue on the afternoon of April 14 when he hit the open door of a parked car, which was then driven from the scene, according to DNAinfo. “Amazingly, it was the medical examiner’s office that confirmed the cause of death after an autopsy was performed,” wrote Daniel Flanzig, an attorney hired by Nelson’s family. “We believe once that office made the conclusion as to the cause of death being caused by a ‘dooring’ they then notified the NYPD. This was when we believe [the] assignment was given to the AIS for the first time.” As with other instances when AIS failed to respond after a crash that resulted in the death of a cyclist or pedestrian, investigators have reportedly turned up no leads in Nelson’s case. ”The first thing would be witnesses,” said Flanzig. “This was never done. They can also pull video but most gets automatically recorded over after 30 days. This was never done by the NYPD.” Click here to read the full story.

  • Law Technology News

    Bike Crash: There’s an App for That

    As the Boy Scouts say, "be prepared" — this app helps you respond quickly if you are a dust-up in New York City, sponsored, of course, by a personal injury firm. Click here.

  • Antwerpenize.Be

    Advocaten Lanceren Bike Crash App

    Het New Yorkse advocatenbureau Flanzig & Flanzig heeft zich helemaal op de fietsende klant gestort. Een lucratieve markt, want fietsers worden regelmatig ‘gedoored’--met andere woorden door een autoportier tegen de vlakte geworpen - en aangereden door taxi’s in de metropool. Flanzig & Flanzig maken het de fietser makkelijk met een nieuwe app, de Bike Crash App.

  • The Atlantic Cities

    John Metcalfe, Sept. 05, 2012

    All right, Flanzig & Flanzig, you win: I am writing about an app that is basically an advertisement for your law firm. You just happen to be, far as I can tell, the first people to come out with this neat and handy technology.Click here to read the full article in the Atlantic Cities.

  • The Brooklyn Paper

    BY NATALIE O'NEIL- August 31, 2012- Mean Streets

    Tech-savvy Brooklyn cyclists can now gather post-crash evidence via a smartphone application thanks to a bike-boosting lawyer who introduced the technology in an attempt to help pedal-pushers build their cases. Daniel Flanzig's " The Bike Crash Kit “includes a voice recorder, camera, and a drawing pad to help cyclists document facts at the scene — before the adrenaline even wears off. " Normally a rider involved in such a violent and traumatic incident can't think clearly," said Flanzig, a personal injury lawyer. " With the app, they can just follow the guide."Click here to read the full article in the Brooklyn Paper.

  • Philippines Cycling Blog

    Have you ever been involved in a traffic accident as a cyclist? Do you know what steps to take immediately right after an accident (assuming no one's hurt)? Well, a New York law firm developed a Bike Crash Kit App for iPhones to assist cyclists in such road mishaps. I just downloaded it and here's my review. I wish a local law firm here in the Philippines can come out with a similar app. God knows Filipino cyclists need all the help we can get when encountering truck, bus, jeepney, car, and tricycle drivers while navigating the mean streets of Metro Manila.

  • Law 360

    Cuomo Veto Of Hit-And-Run Insurance Bill Irks Trial Lawyers

    By Pete Brush, December 18, 2012

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo's veto of legislation to have New York drivers buy more insurance for mishaps including hit-and-run accidents. Trial lawyers, vow to keep fighting for what they call a consumer-friendly measure. According to Dan Flanzig, managing partner of New York-based Flanzig & Flanzig LLP. who often represents injured cyclists. "Such insurance would give them a chance to make a recovery if they own a car and have the insurance," Flanzig said. "If you're hit by somebody with minimal coverage, you have a chance to make a claim on your own policy if you have the supplemental coverage." Click here to read the full story.

  • Euvodebike.com

    Em caso de acidente, consulte o aplicativo?

    Pois bem, um advogado de Nova York levou esse conceito ao extremo e criou um aplicativo para smartphone que permite que ciclistas envolvidos em colisões possam rapidamente coletar as informações necessárias para uma disputa judicial. O aplicativo, segundo o site Urban Velo, vem com um botão para filmar a cena do acidente, uma espécie de bloco de notas para anotar dados de testemunhas e até um programinha que ajuda a fazer um desenho reconstituindo o que aconteceu.

  • Urban Velo

    A lawyer in Brooklyn has created an app that lets cyclists involved in collisions quickly gather the necessary information needed to support them in a court case.

  • New York Post

    At New York Bike Lawyers, Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP, we do not only represent cyclists. Our office has handled other numerous high-profile cases in areas other than bike related injuries. Most recently one of our cases was featured in the New York Post. Click here to learn more about our clients claim filed against the City of New York and the New York City Medical Examiner's Office. As the Post reports " A Brooklyn mom already dealing with the searing pain of losing her child at birth was stunned to get a macabre call from a doctor, hours after the boy's funeral — telling her that the city Medical Examiner's Office still had the just-buried infant's brain." Click this link to read the full story.

  • Law 360

    Insurers, Trial Attorneys Split On Hit-And-Run Coverage

    By Pete Brush New York, September 7, 2012

    A looming decision by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on whether to sign legislation that would see many New Yorkers buy extra protection from hit-and-run car accidents has triggered a fight between an insurance group, which says the bill limits choice, and lawyers who say the real worry is profit-oriented. "It's one of the few insurance products that you actually buy for yourself plaintiffs' attorney Dan Flanzig, managing partner of N.Y. based Flanzig & Flanzig LLP, said Thursday. Flanzig, who has a large practice representing auto accident victims, expressed bafflement that the insurance industry would raise questions about consumer choice in rejecting legislation that on its face would appear to generate more premium dollars. Anyone holding such coverage is protected whether they are in a car, on a bicycle or on foot, according to Flanzig, who said he has such coverage primarily because of the bikes in New York City. "If I'm hit by a taxicab that doesn't have insurance, I'm protected," Flanzig said. Click here to read to read the full article in Law360.com

  • ReNew Canada

    June 2012 - New York Bike Crash Kit - Developed this spring by New York Bike Lawyers, this app features include a cyclist emergency contact page, pre-crash tips, detailed post-crash guidelines, descriptions of insurance laws, an auto-locate function for nearby hospitals, cycle repair shops and taxi services, and New York bike crash FAQs from a local bike lawyer.

  • The New York Law Journal


    "Outside Counsel"- By Daniel Flanzig, Esq.

    This article was published in the New York Law Journal on May 11, 2012. Daniel Flanzig, a New York Bike Crash attorney outlines the unique legal issues confronted when handling a "dooring" crash case in New York State as well as in New York City. The article is an analysis of New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law 1214, applicable code and statute violations involving a "Dooring" by NYC Taxi Cabs and other vehicles, as well as the application of the New York City Administrative Code and New York City Traffic Rules and Regulations relating to a "dooring" crash in New York City.

  • Trucker News, UK

    Lawyers Can Help or Hinder Truckers Involved in Bike Accidents

    Now Truckers particularly beware, the latest US import may soon be a mobile phone app to aid cyclists involved in road traffic accidents. The New York law firm Flanzig and Flanzig, self styled ‘Bike Lawyers’ has produced a Bike Crash Kit for the iPhone or Android to aid cyclists who suffer an accident which not only pinpoints the site of the incident using GPS technology but will advise the locations of hospitals, cycle repair shops etc. as well as recording witness statements, store relevant photographs, calling the authorities and naturally ringing your favorite lawyers. It can be only a matter of time before what is quite a common-sense idea makes its way to the UK. Assuming you aren’t laying beneath the wreckage of your bike together with your cell phone the app puts the cyclist one step ahead by simply ensuring he or she goes through the best procedures to follow at a time when the rider is likely to be too shaken to think clearly. In actual fact, drivers may welcome the evidence recorded at the scene by insisting on a copy of all the details as it could prove equally potent at proving the ineptitude of the rider as well as the incompetence of the motorist.

  • SpringWise.com

    Mobile app helps cyclists compile key facts in the event of a crash

    Much the way State Farm’s Pocket Agent app helps drivers deal with the aftermath of an auto accident, so a new counterpart from New York Bike Lawyers – Flanzig and Flanzig – helps bicyclists do much the same thing. Specifically, the firm’s new Bike Crash Kit app aims to make it easy for cyclists to accurately record all the information they need at the scene of a two-wheeled crash.

  • Brokelyn

    Get in a bicycle crash? Yep, There’s an app for that now

    So you dusted off the ole bicycle and are ready to roll to all the summer staples. Or maybe you’ve heard that our Citibank Citi Bikes are almost here for the riding, but you’re still a little shook by all those bike accident reports. NY Bike Lawyers want to hold your hand with their free Bike Crash app. Available for iPhone and Android, it’s got the whole NYC yellow cab theme (hopefully indicating what will NOT be crashing into you.)

  • NewYorkBikeLawyers.Com

    NewYorkBikeLawyers.Com is offering a free smart phone app that allows cyclists to record critical information soon after a bike-vehicle accident. The app is aimed at New York cyclists, but could be useful for riders anywhere. The app also will locate a nearby hospital and nearby car services or taxi if necessary. It is available for iOS and Android devices.

  • New York Law Journal

    Cycling and the Doctrine of Assumption of Risk

    This article was published in the New York law Journal in January 2012 in the "Outside Counsel" column. The article provides an analysis of the legal defense of "assumption of risk" applied to a bike crash case in New York

  • Gothamist

    “Daniel Flanzig discusses the difficulties with New York City’s vision zero laws and the challenges of getting convictions for the violation of the “Right of Way” law. Click here to read the full story.

  • Nola.com

    New York attorney Daniel Flanzig, whose personal injury practice focuses on cases involving cyclists, said in an interview that one of the easiest ways to get tickets riding a bike in New York is to run red lights.

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