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If you ride, live or work in New York City, you have most likely had more than one encounter with a taxi cab. We have noticed a steady increase in calls from cyclists and others injured in crashes with N.Y.C. cabs. This makes sense, as there is an increasing number of riders and pedestrians who must share the streets with almost 10,000 cabs.

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The most common causes are:

  • Being "doored" by exiting passengers or drivers
  • Cabs illegally stopping, standing, or entering bike lanes
  • Cabs turning in front of or into riders. This is also known as being "hooked"
  • Cabs improperly changing lanes
  • Unlawful or negligent turns

All of these scenarios can cause a serious crash and injury to the cyclist or pedestrian.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies that represent NYC yellow taxi cabs are notoriously difficult when it comes to processing and paying claims. Whether it is your no-fault claim, compensation for property damage for your bike, or even the underlying personal injury lawsuit, the carriers and attorneys that represent these cabs will fight and resist on almost every claim. We have handled hundreds of claims involving N. Y.C. yellow taxi cabs. We know what we are up against, we know how to fight back, and we know how to get you the compensation and benefits you deserve. If you were involved in a crash on your bike, as a pedestrian or even as a passenger, call us for a free consultation.

If you are involved in a crash with a taxi cab, we can help you:

  • Identify the insurance company for the cab
  • File and receive your no-fault benefits
  • Have your hospital, ambulance or other medical bills paid
  • Obtain compensation for your lost wages
  • Handle your bike damage and other property damage claims
  • Obtain compensation for your pain and suffering for injuries sustained in the crash

Did the taxi stop and driver identify him or herself? Did you get the insurance information?

Section 54-13(a) of T.L.C. Rules and Regulations require Taxicab drivers (and any authorized driver of a Street Hail Livery) to comply with all applicable traffic laws, rules, and regulations. Taxicab drivers (and any authorized driver of a Street Hail Livery) will be subject to additional fines and penalties to be imposed by the commission for violating the traffic laws as follows:

(4) Report before leaving scene. A driver who knows or should have known that a traffic accident involving the driver's vehicle resulted in personal injury to another, or damage to another's property, must stop before leaving the scene of the accident, and if the other involved party is present, must:

(i) Show his or her Chauffeur's License, Taxicab Driver's License and Rate Card to the other party involved in the incident,

(ii) Give the other involved party or the police his or her name, Chauffeur's License number, Taxicab Driver's License (or, as applicable, For-Hire Driver's License or Paratransit Driver's License) number, and Taxicab Medallion number or Street Hail Livery License number, as well as the name of the vehicle's insurance carrier and the insurance policy number.

Look Up NYC Taxi's By Medallion Numbers

NYC Taxi Cab Insurance Information

‚ÄčNYC Taxi Cab Owner Information

Rules to Prevent "Doorings" by Taxis, Cabs, and Livery Vehicles

TLC Chp. 54, Rules for Drivers of Taxi Cabs and Street Hails

If you or a loved one has been involved in a bike crash, struck while a pedestrian, or otherwise involved in a crash or accident with a N.Y.C. taxi cab, contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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