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New York Bike Messengers Collisions and Crashes

Daniel Flanzig was recently quoted in Crains NY

Bicycle Messengers know the risks associated with their job. They are under pressure to make fast deliveries despite traffic conditions, weather, and other obstacles faced while riding the city streets. For a bike messenger, these risks are an everyday occurrence. A messenger knows what to look for and how avoid a crash, but even the most seasoned messenger or expert rider may still find themselves faced with a crash. As New York Bike Messenger crash lawyers, we understand how and why these crashes happen, as well as what the rider needs to get back on the road.

To help bicycle messengers and all bicyclists in general, here are some safety tips that you can follow:

  • Wear a helmet – This will protect you from major head and brain injuries.
  • Keep yourself visible – Make sure that the other drivers can always see you. Wear bright colors and place light mechanisms on your bicycle.
  • Use the whole lane – If there is no bicycle lane and you have to share the road with other vehicles, do not stick to the side. Go to the middle of the lane.
  • Do not ride against the traffic – Although you will see incoming vehicles better when you drive against traffic, these drivers do not see you and this will clearly put you in more danger.

If you are involved in a bicycle messenger crash, here are your options:

  • Workers compensation – Although bike messengers work outside of a specific workplace, they are still covered by worker's compensation. However, taking advantage of worker's compensation also surrenders your rights to sue your employer.
  • Lawsuit – You can sue the liable party that caused your injury, such as the driver who you collided with, the bike manufacturer (if there are bike defects), or the city, for dangerous road conditions.

If you are a bike messenger involved in an crash or collision, contact New York Bike Lawyers at 1-866-Flanzig, or email us at


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